Q    What are your opening times?
A    We always open at 9am and close at 5pm except for the winter months when we close at 4pm. (Usually Nov, Dec & Jan.)

Q    Do you still close over the winter?
A    No – we are open all year (except for a few days at Christmas.)
Q    Is your menu available all day?
A    Hot food is served from 9am until 4pm (or 3.30pm if we close at 4pm.) Cold menu items are available from open to close.
Q    What do you offer for vegetarians and vegans?
A    We have various items including Linda McCartney vegan sausages and pulled pork. We have a vegan (and gluten free) cake: Tiffin which is made with 72% cocoa chocolate.
Q    Do you cater for special diets?
A    In addition to the items listed above we provide gluten free bread and a gluten free sponge cake.  We have dairy free items including oat and soya milk. We can also make dairy free hot chocolate.
Q    How do you cater for people with allergies?
A    Everything we sell is contained in our allergy folder which includes the government allergy matrix. All 14 allergy groups are included and we can clearly show the ingredients of everything we sell.
Q    Do you provide inside seating?
A    We have our ‘summerhouse’ which is heated and can seat up to 24. We also have a heated bandstand and gazebo.  Our bench seating is protected by parasols.
Q    Do you provide baby services?
A    We have two high chairs but unfortunately do not have baby change facilities.
Q    Do you have a toilet?
A    We have a single unisex lavatory – our Tardis (listed in the Lonely Planets ‘Top Toilets of The World’ book.) There is also a public toilet block opposite our cafe in the car park – this also has a disabled loo.
Q    Is there car parking?
A    There is a small car park on the other side of the platform.  This is divided into ‘long stay’ which is a maximum of six hours. There is also ‘short stay’ which is a maximum of two hours.  Two thirds of the car park is short stay.  There are also disabled parking spaces.
Q    Do you provide bike racks?
A    Yes, we have several on the platform and we do allow bikes to be brought into our gardens (but ask that they are stored safely and sensibly, without blocking access for others.)